2011 EMAP (Ewha International Media Art Presentation)

EMAP (Ewha International Media Art Presentation) is an exhibition of media art that shows works that adopt moving images and new media formats as major art languages against the backdrop of the beautiful natural landscape of Ewha Womans University's campus.

EMAP began in 2001 and was held every year until 2006, gradually evolving into an international exhibition, and has been deeply imprinted on audiences of both inside and outside the school as a unique exhibition form. EMAP, which was re-planned after a hiatus of about four years, has invited numerous international writers to actively embrace the campus of Ewha Womans University and the lyrical sensibilities of spring nights as a screening environment, while looking at sharp social/political visual languages in a multi-layered interpretation of the theme of "landscape". In addition, this year is signiticant year for Ewha Womans University marking its 125th anniversary. We look forward to seeing the changes in women's social status, which began with the birth of Ewha, the nation's first and best women's institutions of higher education, or women's views and artistic representations toward the world to be taken seriously through EMAP.


Event Outline

Name of Event EMAP(Ewha International Media Art Presentation)
Date 2011 May 27(Fri) ~ May 30(Mon) 20:00 - 22:30
Place ECC garden in Ewha Womans University, Jinseonmi-gwan square, Main Hall back garden, Emerson’s Chapel garden, garden around the Main Hall
Host Ewha Womans University College of Art&Design
Host organization Ewha Womans University
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