Name of the event : Media Art Festival


: The Media Art Festival was designed to reflect on the meaning of these artistic forms and our challenges through various works of new art forms called 'Media Art'.

Reality of today is that borders of individual genres are broken, mixed, and altered, and things that were not seen before are born and destroyed in the name of art. For many artists and audience, it will no longer be a strange phenomenon. And the evolution of technology is accelerating this trend, and a lot of energy in the art world is now being used to embrace and digest "new media."

But while we're keeping our eye on so-called "high-tech" media and systems, we're likely to forget what the most important element of media art is. The main trend of this exhibition, 'Single Channel Video' is the genre that can reveal artists' emotions most intensively in the midst of the current flood of information media. It is distinct from any other genre of visual arts such as movies and TV, and our belief is that the individuality and sensibility of young artists in just a few minutes' short footage are the key factors that will enrich media art in the future.

Media Art Festival has actively embraced the works of young artists who have just created their own worlds, hoping that they will become dynamic producers and not just consumers of video culture, with the potential of a group of young artists, and with the vision to create a creative interpretation of the new horizons of 'media art' that have been opened to this generation. Besides, we added sections such as guest writers, experimental films, Paik Nam-joon of Ewha, foreign single channel video, film design, video installation, and the 115th-week festival of Ewha Womans University, so that the audience can enjoy the works of various fields.

In addition, the exhibition will display video clips showing the original sensibility of the writers, creating a scene of encounter with the beautiful natural environment of Ewha Womans University. This will be a great opportunity to see in which space or environment the artworks shine brightly. And it's also a symbolic event to reverse the methodology of media reading, often considered as unnatural, inhuman and male-oriented, and to actively introduce the opposite, so that we can encounter symmetrical elements that are prone to polarization.

We look forward to experiencing the fresh and light excitement of the world of media art as we stroll through May's forest filled with the scent of ripe spring.


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Name of Event Name of the event : Media Art Festival
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