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EMF: Ewha Movie Festa

The Ewha Movie Festa(EMF) is an outdoor screening festival of visual arts, consisting of the Ewha Film Festival(EFF) and the Ewha Media Art Presentation(EMAP). In green May, video art escapes to the vast campus of Ewha where a great feast is held. The festival has been carrying on from EMAP, which started in 2001, and has been launching the EFF since 2018, and has taken a meaningful point in our society.

Ewha Film Festival(EFF: Ewha Film Festival)

EFF(Ewha Film Festival), along with EMAP, was established in 2018 with the aim of expanding the base of the film culture. EFF has been inviting famous domestic and foreign films and independent films for screening, reviewed the current status of contemporary culture, and viewed the history of visual arts. This year's online Ewha Film Festival will pay attention to the critical mind and novel expression of young film artists reflecting the era, focusing on the section "Little but Loud”, a new independent film contest program in line with the goal of the festival in the current situation of changes.

Ewha Media Art Presentation(EMAP: Ewha Media Art Presentation)

EMAP(Ewha Media Art Presentation) was established in 2001 and is an international media art presentation deeply imprinted on domestic and foreign audiences as a distinctive area of outdoor screening. EMAP, which has been seeking to expand the field of expression and dealing with the status, characteristics, and artistic significance of video-oriented media art, continues to cultivate the creative capabilities of media art artists accumulated and assembled in Korea in line with its goal, while building the foundation for international exchanges and solidarity. In this online film festival, EMAP will introduce various media art works from home and abroad, as well as novel works by Ewha students, focusing on the "EMAP International Contest" section and the "A maze, A muse" section

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