Curating Art After New Media HK

EMF - Lecture
2020년 07월 01일

Curating Art After New Media HK is a short professional development course targeted for Hong Kong-based curators who specialize or are interested in contemporary and new media art. This course aims to provide up-to-date professional knowledge in the field for Hong Kong-based curators, and is customised for Hong Kong curatorial professionals to provide a unique training opportunity for rapid upskilling and international networking.

[EMF-Lecture]는 총 10강으로, 매주 수요일에 업데이트됩니다.

제작 Li Zhenhua, Videotage HK
상영시간1h 17min 13sec
상영일2020년 07월 01일
섹션명07월 01일


Li Zhenhua, Videotage HK

Keynote speaker: Li Zhenhua
Respondent: Charlotte Frost

EMF-Lecture 기획: 서진석
강의 기획: Dr. Beryl Graham / Dr. Sarah Cook
강의 제공: Li Zhenhua, Videotage HK

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