2019 EMAP (Ewha Media Art Presentation), International Competition section Result announcement


“ EMAP 2019: Ewha Media Art Presentation

International Competition”



We sincerely thank you to all the participants of ‘2019 EMAP International Competition’. The Artists nominated for presentation and the prize winners are listed below.

2019. 4. 20

EMAP office




1. Result of deliberation

Nomination Name (Group Name/Artist Name)
EMAP Prize: Jaze Chan (Jaze Chan)
Adobe Prize: Sujin Kim (Sujin Kim)
2019 EMAP artist Han Wookyeong (한우경 x 흉쇄유돌근)
2019 EMAP artist Inkyoung Bae (Team Dino Show)
2019 EMAP artist Eun Kyum Bang (Eun-Kyum, Bang)
2019 EMAP artist YouBin Cho (Meong-gye-meong)
2019 EMAP artist Jérémie Sarbach(Badel/Sarbach)
2019 EMAP artist Baek Darae (Darae)
2019 EMAP artist 김희수 huisu Kim (UVA)
2019 EMAP artist LEE Yeibin (월간이예빈)
2019 EMAP artist JUEUN KIM
2019 EMAP artist Im Sunho (매트리스 MATTRESS)
2019 EMAP artist 홍학순
2019 EMAP artist Jae-Eun Oh (Coty Tsang)
2019 EMAP artist 오지원 Oh Jiwon (oh jiwon)
2019 EMAP artist Katrin Florian (Katrin Niedermeier)
2019 EMAP artist 최희승
2019 EMAP artist Jungmin Cha
2019 EMAP artist 이병기 Byung-Ki LEE


2. Evaluation Outline and Jury


A. Evaluation Date

-Preliminary Evaluation: 2019.4.16~17

-Final Evaluation: 2019.4.18




B. Competition Jury

name position
Seokyeong Kang
Artist and Assistant Professor in Korean Painting department at EWHA Womans University
Jonghoon Choe
Associate Professor in Design department at Ewha Womans University
Worked at Visual Display Division of Samsung Electronics
Daechan Heo
PhD in TED Graduate school of Design studies at Kookmin University
Media Culture and Arts Channel Aliceon (aliceon.net)



C. Overall Comments

The competition held for the first time this year at EMAP, generated much attention towards field of media art internationally.

Many young domestic and foreign artists presented various works of art, however, there were relatively less participation in music video and animation category.

The artworks were the results of young generations expressing their concerns about society through their understanding of digital world and reality. Regardless of their different culture and background, the artists have formed a bond of mutual understanding through universal language, acquired from media environment that encompasses the world.

We are expecting all the selected artworks of passionate young artists to give vibrant thrill to many audiences.

This year’s EMAP award winning work for Media Art section, <I’m Happy to have an exam today> by Jaze Chan from Hong Kong, represents the situation that young students are facing in current educational environment and a father’s psychology of facing such situation through static description.

Using a point of view of the father whose son committed suicide, the work traces the initial incident leading to his despair with a delicate depiction of the character that endures the loss. The work strongly demonstrates the power of modern art that can initiate reflection of society such as Hong Kong’s educational social system.

Adobe prize winning animation <MOLD> by Sujin Kim showed excellent portrayal of human body’s texture and movement. Such depiction incorporated with sound created massive and dynamic energy which highlighted the energy inherent in human body as well as the flowing line of body. It is a high-quality animation containing outstanding sense of volume with great movement and structure.

Seokyeong Kang


3. Following Schedule

Period Schedule
Video Installation 2019 May
※Specific schedule will be notified individually
※Please Note: Video Installation will be done by EMAP
EGMF Opening and Festival Period Opening Reception: 30 May, 2019
Festival Period: 30 May-1 June, 2019

※Specific schedule will be notified individually




4. Inquiries

[EMAP International Competition office]

E-mail: ewhamediaarts@gmail.com

2019년 04월 20일

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